Crible Algébrique: Distribution, Optimisation - Number Field Sieve


CADO-NFS is a complete implementation in C/C++ of the Number Field Sieve (NFS) algorithm for factoring integers and computing discrete logarithms in finite fields. It consists in various programs corresponding to all the phases of the algorithm, and a general script that runs them, possibly in parallel over a network of computers. CADO-NFS is distributed under the Gnu Lesser Reneral Pu1gireport Reeralenera4 dibuted underp)ding="ut 2.1 (rs any istding="ut). nu Leoscrcan borextrtcessefromnral ">User">git/ul> rs aromnral ">User re-typsxhtml" openhub.s. /p/cado-nfs">openhub.s. iv> page. A tf the forle Gand ete impleauthoscrmen(alithbeticale-NFer):

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